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About the Kuali Foundation

Where we started

In order to deliver software for the full range of higher education institutions, the initial schools included a diverse group of institutions, large and small, to establish a community for all. These schools then pooled together a variety of resources, including an Andrew Mellon grant and help from the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO), to found the Kuali Project. Their goal: to create a financial system that was built by higher education, for higher education.

After the success of the Kuali Financial System project, our community realized the potential of community source software and began expanding out to other projects. We also established the Kuali Foundation, in order to hold the intellectual property and provide financial and legal management.

Where we are

Entering our second decade, Kuali is growing faster than ever. We’re expanding to new horizons, including Kuali Mobility, a framework for offering enterprise applications across a variety of mobile devices, and across the oceans, with a growing number of international Kuali Partners.

Where we're going

Community-source software is only as successful as the community that builds it. Find out more about joining us in building software for higher education, by higher education.


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