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Indiana University

Indiana University - a Founding Member of Kuali

Indiana University was a founding member of Kuali, and has been a strong leader of the Kuali Community since the beginning. IU is currently running portions of KFS in parallel with their legacy financial system, and is running Rice in production.  They have implemented the following enterprise applications on top of Kuali Rice (KEW, KSB and KNS) :

  1. Kuali Coeus - is now in production campus-wide for Grants Administration and System to System Grants.gov
  2. Human Resources - hire, terminate, pay raise, additional pay, etc.
  3. Timekeeping - timesheet approval by supervisors and payroll processors
  4. Paid Time Off - staff can submit their time off for the month and get it approved by their supervisor
  5. Faculty Annual Reporting
  6. Electronic Procurement and Invoice Processing (EPIC) - this is the precursor to the PURAP module in KFS
  7. Travel - pre-travel authorizations, reimbursements, etc.
  8. IU Foundation - flower requests, funds transfer between university and foundation
  9. Storage and Virtualization - billing and approval for new virtual machines in our intelligent infrastructure
  10. Add/Drop Course - allows students to drop and add classes and get approval for those actions
  11. Grade Change - allows a student to request a grade change in our student system
  12. Schedule of Classes - allows for changes to the schedule of classes in our student system
  13. Onestart (our enterprise Portal) - a notifications channel that's fed from the Action List as well as a special Action List Portlet

IU is currently working on Kuali Rice integrations with:

  1. Integration with our Integrated Reporting Environment
  2. Kuali Financial System
  3. Kuali Coeus

IU has also developed a number of eDocLite applications:

  1. Safeword Card Request
  2. Office of the VP for Research Internal Funding Request
  3. University Graduate School Course Remonstrance
  4. IU Health Center appointment requests
  5. Conflicts of Interest form for the Office of the VP for Research
  6. Dean of Faculties Office of Affirmative action requests
  7. Bloomington Registrar Documentation and Bulletin
  8. Student Information Systems Special Credit Request
  9. Payroll Request
  10. Account Management System access request
  11. University College Request for Absence
  12. Oncourse (Sakai) Admin access request
  13. Motor Pool request
  14. Phone Change request for Communications Services

Indiana University profile

  • Campuses throughout IN
  • Grad Students - 20,000
  • Undergrad Students - 80,000
  • Faculty - 6,000
  • Staff - 11,000
  • Campuses - 8
  • Degree Programs - 1,200

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