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Kuali Coeus

Overview of Kuali Coeus

Kuali Coeus (KC) for Research Administration is a comprehensive system to manage the complexities of research administration needs from the faculty researcher through grants administration to federal funding agencies. KC is using MIT’s proven COEUS system as its baseline design, updating its technical architecture for vendor independence and integration with other administration systems.

Guiding Principles in Building Kuali Coeus for Research Administration

  1. Kuali Coeus is based on Coeus design, functionality and business processes
  2. Functional Committees or Kuali Members may advocate additions or changes to Baseline Scope as "Enhancements" that show benefits over cost and balances resources.
  3. Enhancements and new features are prioritized and approved by the Functional Council.
  4. All Project Team work is driven primarily by schedule (time), and then by functional scope.
  5. Technical sophistication will be employed only in the service of the project.
  6. The Teams will use as much existing Kuali functionality as possible to avoid duplicated effort
  7. Kuali Coeus will take advantage of the Kuali Rice infrastructure suite of common libraries, notification, workflow, and services bus.

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