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Current Release

February 2015: Release 6.0

Kuali Coeus 6.0 is the first of several releases designed to provide a new and intuitive User Experience (UX).  

Specific Features include:

  • Re-organized and intuitive data entry.
  • Left hand navigation and 'Save and Continue' options for linear navigation through the system. No more 'where do I go next'?
  • Quick access to tools: validation, print, copy, medusa, hierarchy management, and budget version management functions are always one-click away in a Proposal Development Document.
  • Search while you type for several frequently entered data fields.
  • Modal-based user interactions that provide context and continuity while performing lookups and entering large amounts of data.
  • Drag and drop capabilities for file attachments allow users to upload and manage multiple files at one time.
  • Detailed Budget Summary information is available from the Proposal, without opening a full budget.
  • Budget navigation improvements focus users on fast expense allocation instead of setup and maintenance.

Kuali Rice 2.5.2 will be available for download soon and is required for running KC 6.0.  Kuali Rice 2.5.2 includes numerous performance improvements, bug fixes, and enhancements to the KRAD framework. 

Upcoming Releases

TBA: Release 6.0.1

Previous Releases

May 2014: Release 5.2.1

  • Functional Equivalence: FDP boilerplate subaward forms
  • Functional Equivalence:  System-to-System form extractor tool
  • Functional Equivalence:  New KRMS functions 
  • Bug fixes 

January 2014: Release 5.2

  • IACUC:  improved design for species and procedures screens
  • Functional Equivalence:  FE items for proposal and IACUC
  • Improved support for Java 7
  • Bug fixes 

July 2013:  Release 5.1.1

  • Bug fixes and additional features to the Conflict of Interest (COI) module to meet functional equivalence with Coeus, including screening questions, enhanced lookups, additional disclosure statuses and functions for COI administrators
  • Bug Fixes to other KC modules 
  • Upgrade to Rice 2.1.7

April 2013: Release 5.1

  • Usability "quick wins," including display of a progress indicator while loading KC pages, addition of a warning message to the Reload button, and several UI improvements to Proposal Development
  • Subaward budgeting in Proposal Development
  • Recall routing in the IRB and Proposal Development modules
  • Initial integration of BIRT reports
  • Enhancement to preserve notifications for audit/regulatory needs in IRB, IACUC, COI, and Negotiations
  • Upgrade to Rice 2.1.5 

August 2012:  Release 5.0.1

  • Critical Bug Fixes
  • Additional Coeus Functional Equivalence Items
    • KRMS/S2S
    • Proposal Development schemas for printing
    • Report Tracking PI print
    • KRMS Stored Procedure Conversion
  • IACUC - remaining actions, procedures, summary & history, action correspondence 

June 2012:  Release 5.0

  • Functional Equivalency (FE) enhancements and bug fixes for previously released modules – Proposal Development, Budget Development, Grants.gov System-to-System submission, Proposal Hierarchy, Institutional Proposal, Awards, Institutional Review Board (IRB), and KFS Integration.
  • Completion of QA and bug fixes to new modules introduced in the KC 3.2 internal release: Conflict of Interest (COI), Subawards, Negotiations, and Report Tracking.
  • The newest additions to KC – Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) module and Kuali Rules Management System (KRMS) integration.
  • Compatibility with Kuali Rice 2.1, the latest version of the Kuali middleware.

*Functional Equivalence Item.  A complete list of remaining functional equivalence items is here.

See a list of all KC releases here.