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Kuali Days 2013

A Message from Sarah Christen
Kuali Days 2013 Chair

Kuali Days 2013 will be held November 18-21 at the Sheraton Hotel and Marina in San Diego, California. The city of San Diego is a great place to meet with the Kuali Community, welcome newcomers, and enjoy a fabulous city with lots of sites to see. Whether you’re an established community member or a newcomer to Kuali, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to connect, learn, and add value to the conference by sharing your knowledge and questions.

If you are new to Kuali, I would like to invite you to join our Newcomer’s Session on Monday evening, November 18. This session will provide an overview of all Kuali applications and will be delivered in our Speed Geeking format; to make sure we’re able to present plenty of information and answer lots of questions in a quick, easy way.

We’ll also be assigning Ambassadors to newcomers who are interested in having a more personal introduction to Kuali. Ambassadors will help answer questions and introduce newcomers to others in the community who can share their experiences regarding implementations or answer specific application questions.

If you‘ve been to Kuali Days before, consider volunteering as an Ambassador! Help our newcomers feel welcome and help them find the answers they're looking for. Let’s show our newest guests what a great community we have!

Finally, whether you are newcomer or Kuali expert, I invite you to come to Kuali Days 2013 to ask your questions, share your knowledge, help our community grow, and enjoy the great city of San Diego!

Sarah Christen
Kuali Days Chair 2013

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If you have any questions about Kuali Days, please feel free to contact the Conference Coordinators.

Conference Coordinators

Deborah K. Smith, CMP
Jenn L. Cummings, CMP
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