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Comprehensive HR/Payroll System

Kuali Human Resources (KHR) will be a comprehensive, open-source HR/Payroll System built by higher education for higher education. Composed of both stand-alone and integrated modules, KHR will include Payroll, Time and Attendance, Leave Management, HR Core Transactions, Benefits Administration and Position Management.

Time & Attendance and Leave Management: Available now!

The KHR Time and Attendance module provides a robust, enterprise-wide, easy-to-use system for tracking and approving employee time.

*Indiana University is using KHR Time Keeping in production!

Time and Attendance Features:

  • Access - 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Authentication/Authorization - The system supports user authentication methods such as CAS or Shibboleth which may vary by institution. Additionally, role based authorization enabling users access to only those parts of the application that are necessary for their job
  • Time Recording - The system supports the recording of time via clock in / out or manual time entry.
  • Special Rate Calculation - The system supports the calculation of the following special rates of pay. These calculations are rule based and configurable at various levels such as by campus, department, employee type or individual employee.
    • Overtime - The system supports the calculation of both weekly and daily overtime.
    • Shift Differential and Premium Pay - The system supports the calculation of shift differential (extra pay received by employees for working a less-than desirable shift i.e., late nights, evenings) and premium pay (a higher rate of pay paid to those working weekends, holidays, vacation days, or working during hours deemed less desirable)
    • Holiday Pay - The system auto-populates holiday pay based on calendars established through configuration.
  • Pay Types - The system supports multiple payment types such as:
    • Hourly
    • Flat-rate
    • Dollar based - Employees may be paid on an hourly or flat-rate basis and may receive dollar-based pay such as tips.
  • Approval Routing - The system supports the routing of timesheets for approval based on the department and work area for which time was recorded. Timesheets may be routed to multiple approvers all of which will be required to approve the portion of the timesheet for which they are responsible.
  • Audit Capabilities - The system captures all clock actions and time block entries for audit purposes identifying the IP address of the user who made the change.
  • Pay Cycles - The system supports multiple pay cycles that are definable by start date / time and end date / time. This allows for institutions to define multiple pay calendars such as monthly, semi-monthly, biweekly, or weekly. For example, an institution may define a pay period beginning at Noon on a Thursday which runs 2 weeks to 11:59:59 am the following Thursday.
  • Employment Data - The system provides for integration with employment transaction system for real-time data.
  • Earn Codes - Earn code/group configurability.
  • Lunch Deductions - Configurable lunch deductions.
  • Rounding Rules - Grace period rounding, configurable at multiple levels.
  • Missed Punch - Allows employees to manually record a missed clock action (in or out).

Leave Management Features:

  • Time and Attendance Integration - Approved leave requests automatically appear on the employee's time sheet with the same business rules in effect for reporting and accruals.
  • Flexible, Implementation Specific Rules - site specific leave plans, accrual categories, leave types, and balance transfer rules can all be established as well as overridden in necessary situations.
  • Variable Calendars - Site defined calendars for which employees will report their leave that may or may not correspond to payroll calendars. For example, institutions may choose to define leave reporting calendars to be from the 15th of the month to the 15th of the following month while the payroll calendar may be from the 1st to the end of the month for the same employee.  Supports the creation of multiple scheduled time off calendars (eg. Holiday Calendar) that can be assigned to employees based on attributes defined by the institution.
  • Employee Initiated Leave Requests - Employees can request time off in advance and have that request routed and approved by a supervisor and automatically appear on the employees leave calendar as planned time off.
  • Integrated Routing - Flexible and secure approval hierarchy relating either position to position or employee to employee with automated notifications to employees based on a distinct list of events.
  • Reporting - Provided reporting against leave usage with filtering of data based on defined criteria and export options.


Note: KHR is on the KualiCo roadmap. More details coming soon.


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