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What is Kuali HR?

Community source, comprehensive HR/Payroll System

Kuali Human Resources (KHR) is an open-source, comprehensive HR/Payroll System built by higher education for higher education. Composed of both stand-alone and integrated modules, KHR includes Payroll, Time and Attendance, Leave Management, HR Core Transactions, Benefits Administration and Position Management.

KHR is being developed in modules with Time and Attendance and Leave Management being developed first. After completing these modules, the focus will turn to electronic core HR transactions. This approach will enable schools to implement the Time and Attendance or Leave Management modules prior to the completion of the project. 

Like other Kuali projects, KHR involves partners pooling their resources to deliver the final product. The partners guide and oversee the priorities, outcomes, and deliverables. As in other projects, development of the modules will be more efficient with additional resources from partner schools. Additionally, participation in the design and development of each module will build institutional knowledge of KHR and will expedite implementation.

Utilizing the Kuali Rice middleware platform and improvements being made to it through a foundation wide UXI initiative, KHR leverages benefits such as: 
  • Improved usability of all Kuali applications
  • Increased accessibility standards that are incorporated into the Kuali development framework
  • Responsive design best practices to support mobile and multiple platforms
  • Consistent and intuitive look and feel across all Kuali applications
  • Process to streamline complex business practices for increased efficiency
  • Integrated user-centered design methodology into the development process

Partners working on phase one are Indiana University, Iowa State University, Colorado State University and Vivantech.

Why join the Kuali HR Community?

Because we know that the BEST ideas are created when the BEST minds collaborate.

Members guide the priorities, determine the next requirements, and shape the direction of the software. Early involvement advances your knowledge of how the software works and ensures it will meld with your business practices.

Involvement in the development phase allows for planned upgrades. Members know what is to come and thus have the advantage on budgeting and timing their module implementations, upgrades, and training.

Ensure the viability of the software and the ongoing health of the community by joining and participating in our community source.

Work collaboratively with your peers developing what we really need with our combined knowledge of our unique industry.

Join the Kuali Community and be a part of the BEST. If you are interested in joining the KHR project, see: Partnership Information.

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