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Overview of Kuali Student

More than just Student Information

At Kuali Student, we’re building a next-generation student information system (SIS) that's about so much more than just keeping track of student data. We’re helping students plan their time at your institution, helping institutions plan ahead for courses beyond the classroom, helping students find the best way to pay for their education, and so much more. Find out about what our software can do for you on our functionality page.

Working Together for a Better System

Our software is being incrementally produced by a dedicated community of international higher education partners and distributed through the Open Source license. It achieves a rich user experience through user-centric design and offers a modular, scalable system through service-oriented architecture.

Get What You Need, When You Need it

Because of this modular nature, it can be integrated with legacy and vended systems to meet your institution’s current business needs. With its service oriented architecture, Kuali Student can be configured for how you do business today and how you'll want to do business tomorrow.

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