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Curriculum Management

What it Does

Curriculum management provides the structure and facilitates creation and modification of the curricular catalog including:

  • Automated workflow and approval for proposals
  • User initiated course creation, modification and retirement
  • User initiated program modification
  • Administrative functionality for all curricular elements, including version control
  • Rules that relate courses to each other and to programs
  • Learning objectives that document and categorize the fundamental goals for learning.

Additionally, CM provides enhanced user interaction for:

  • Searching, including the use of keyword search in titles and description
  • Viewing the interdependencies among curricular elements
  • Managing sets of courses that function as a curricular whole
  • Comparing course and program versions with highlighted differences

What makes it "Next-Gen"

CM conceptualizes curricular elements as “learning units,” a more flexible approach to thinking about curricula. This approach:

  • Provides a framework for inclusion of new types of learning (e.g., projects, experiential learning, examinations) within the existing service architecture.
  • Allows for innovation in the ways curricular units are combined and related to one another.
  • Focuses on the results - the learning - and includes Learning Objectives (as free text and in categories) as essential elements in the process

Codifies curricular rules in a way that provides improved flexibility and functionality

  • Rules are searchable - allowing for features such as Dependency Analysis, which reports on all of the ways a course is used by other courses and programs
  • Codified rules facilitate prerequisite checking at multiple points in the system

How it Works

Our Curriculum Management (CM) module can take courses and programs from the "idea in the mind of a faculty member" step, through the various channels of review and acceptance, and into a comprehensive course catalog that spans every course ever offered or could be offered at a university. As you can see in this diagram, the system allows you to create, view, modify, retire, group and analyze courses.


  • KS CM 2.0.2 community contributed patch release is scheduled for Oct. 2013
  • KS CM 3.0 Founders Release is scheduled for release mid 2014


Through collaboration with the KS project, the IUG, and institutions who have implemented CM, the project is proud to announce the CM Implementation Support Site. Check it out for valuable tools, tips, and tricks for implementing Curriculum Management at your school.

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