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What it Does

Kuali Student Enrollment provides all the necessary components to form the heart of any student information system. At its core, KS Enrollment provides the structures and processes for an institution to offer classes and enroll students in those offerings. KS Enrollment also provides support for the wide range of modular functionality that surround the registration process, including:

  • Course Offering
  • Registration
  • Course Assessment
  • Program Offering and Enrollment
  • Program Assessment
  • Academic Record

KS Enrollment is being developed incrementally, giving institutions the power to control how they build and when they implement a student information system on their campus.

Each component of this module integrates with other KS Products (Curriculum Management, Academic Planning, Student Accounts, etc) providing a full suite of student information system functionality. In addition, each KS product integrates with other Kuali Foundation products through a common middleware layer and use of Service Oriented Architecture.

What makes it "Next-Gen"

One of the visions we are proud of at Kuali Student is moving away from a traditional Student Information System and focusing on a Student Services System. Unlike our past and current systems, which were built upon the concept of storing information for administrators, KS is built upon the concept of providing services and functionality primarily for Students and serving their needs, while at the same time recognizing the other critical constituents, such as faculty and administrators. Here are some of the ways we take SIS to the next level:

KS Enrollment builds on the concept of “learning units” in Curriculum management. This concept:

  • Provides a flexible foundation within Enrollment able to support a wide diversity of learning experiences
  • Supports complex relationships between learning experiences that can be highly regimented and coordinated or flexible and loosely coupled.
  • Provides greater ability for data driven assessment of the impact and needs of a registration system

KS Enrollment also provides next-generation functionality, such as:

  • Student centric design approach
  • Flexible time periods to support traditional institutional term structures as well as more dynamic periods of time to support increasingly innovative types of programs and enrollments in higher education
  • Alignment between Learning Plans and Degree Audit to empower informed and supportive course registration
  • A Registration Cart, combining the best practices of modern web interfaces with the complexities of higher education.
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) design, which provides interoperability and stability for complex systems.
  • A broad range of tools to aid the institution in managing enrollment trends and needs.

How it Works

KS Enrollment, as a whole, provides the core of a comprehensive student system. With incremental deployment, the implementation can be scheduled and managed in a way that is most effective for the individual institution. The diagram below shows a broad picture of how all of the pieces fit together to provide the full range of functionality needed.

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  • The Founders release of KS Course Offering is scheduled for January 2014.
  • The Founders release of KS Registration is scheduled for December 2014.
  • The Founders release of the final components of the KS Enrollment module is expected December 2015.

Course Offering High Level Features

  • Manage control and access to Course Offering functions
  • Supports a wide variety of Course Offering types, including
    • Combination of activities (lecture, lab, discussion, etc.)
    • Cross-Listed courses
    • Co-Located courses
    • Block courses
  • Create Course Offerings from a copy of previous term offerings
  • Create Course Offerings from the course catalog
  • Modify existing Course Offering information
  • Cancel, Suspend, and Reinstate Course Offerings
  • Manage Course Offering-specific fees and finance information
  • Define and schedule Final Exams
  • Create and manage Course Waitlists to be used in registration
  • Define Seat Pools that reserve seats for different populations of students
  • Rollover a previous term's offerings as a basis for a Schedule of Classes for another term.
  • Manage multiple academic and holiday calendars
  • Manage terms and subterms, as well as key milestones within them
  • Define scheduling request, including time, days, location, and room resources
  • View Course Offerings in a Schedule of Classes
  • Process scheduling requests via an interface to an External Course Scheduler

Registration High Level Features

Student Features
  • Add and drop a course on a student’s schedule
  • View and print a student’s schedule
  • Manage and utilize Registration Cart
  • Search the Schedule of Classes by various attributes
  • Utilize waitlists to facilitate registration
  • View tuition and fees calculations during registration process
Administrative/System Features
  • Administratively register students in courses
  • View and track user’s interactions with the system
  • Utilize waitlists to facilitate registration
  • Validate overall eligibility of a student to access registration functions
  • Validate eligibility of a student to register for specific courses
  • Issue exemptions when a student does not meet eligibility criteria
  • Place and release registration holds

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