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Future Offerings

At Kuali Student, we're always looking ahead to future development. Here are some of the modules currently under consideration to take your SIS further. We plan to work on Program Audit, Financial Aid, Scheduling, and Admissions in the future. 

Program (Degree) Audit

The Program (Degree) Audit module manages the evaluation of learning experiences and the results that are derived from those experiences. These results will be used to answer questions related to the determination of academic standing, academic risk, semester or commencement honors, etc. and readiness to graduate.


The Scheduling module facilitates the optimization of scheduling various resources required to deliver the curriculum.  Resources include such things as courses, exams, instructors, class rooms, facilities, and any other type of resource that one might need to schedule.  It consists of the following key business processes:

  • Maintain inventory of resources
  • Maintain criteria and constraints
  • Create schedules

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid module includes all the processes to manage internal and external awards and loans. It will support all applicable legislative and government requirements and regulations.  It also tracks external loans on behalf of other awarding agencies.


The Admission module matches prospective learners (called prospects or applicants) with learning activities (such as programs or courses) that an institution offers.   The various processes (apply, acknowledge, evaluate and select) can be connected with workflow.  It consists of the following business key processes:

  • Apply for Admission
  • Acknowledge Application
  • Maintain Academic History;
  • Maintain Non-Academic History
  • Evaluate applicant
  • Select successful candidates