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Who We Are

The Kuali Student Project is made up of an international team of institutions who work together to build our software. Schools and supportive KCAs participate in a variety of ways, ranging from official partnerships, to contributions, to adoption of the software.

Current Partners and Founders

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Contributors to the Project

Our project also works closely with schools who contribute time and software to the project. We'd like to recognize the contributions of NPS, UCB, USC, and others who have made crucial contributions.

Several KCAs are also actively involved in our project. We'd like to thank kPlus2, Navigator, OpenCollab, rSmart, Sigma Systems, and Vivantech for their participation. For more information on the KCAs participating in the KS project, see our Support page.

Join Us

There are many ways to join the Kuali Student effort. Your school can adopt a component of our software, become an official partner on the project, participate in our implementation user group, and attend our sessions at our annual user conference, Kuali Days.

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