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Overview of Kuali Mobility

An enterprise class mobility platform and set of mobile tools for higher education

Kuali Mobile for the Enterprise connects the portfolio of diverse campus systems to the ever changing world of consumer devices. It uses native apps on iPhone, Android, etc. via the app stores and HTML5 to achieve 'write once, run anywhere' for low cost mobile services.

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Videos to help you get started

Watch a 17-minute video to get you started        Two videos: Setting up Netbeans and how to build your first tool


Conferences Powered by Kuali Mobility

Kuali Mobility offers a robust, easy to manage, set of tools tailored to provide a simple, accessbile app helping conference goers manage personal itineraries, locate sessions and meeting rooms, and meet other attendees. KME is becoming a popular choice to power mobile apps for many events, including the following:

Internet2 Fall 2012
Member Meeting

Annual Conference

8000-attendee higher education IT conference:

Kuali Days
Community Conference

The Kuali Foundation's own annual event:


Kuali Mobility In Practice


Provide services for all members of your institution's community: Class tools for students, curriculum management features for faculty, and financial and employee services for staff.

Deep Integration

Mobility provides straight-forward (not watered-down) interfaces to critical systems and data. Use simple interfaces to tackle tasks at a high level, or drill down for more details and options.

Decoupled from Backend Services

Use Kuali Mobility to access data directly via database connections, or connect to any system that provides a compatible (or adaptable with Mobility's built-in data transformers) web service.

The Mobility Partners

Kuali Mobility Introduction Presentation

Kuali Mobility Introduction 48-minute detailed video presentation from the KM Team on Vimeo. Recorded at Kuali Days 2011.

Kuali Mobility 3.0 is Here!

We are pleased to announce the release of Kuali Mobility version 3.0. Version 3 includes an entirely new, high performance UI to significantly improve application response time, bringing users the information they want up to 4X faster than previous versions. Additionally several improvements have been made to the web service infrastructure to provide a faster and more streamlined interface supporting our fast and lean UI. The 3.0.1 build marks a major upgrade to all core Kuali Mobility features delivering a simpler and smoother user experience.

Mobility 2.4 is here with final grade alerts!

With Kuali Mobility 2.4 students can now opt in to recieve notifications on their phones and tablets and immediately log in to view their grades.  Also arriving with the release of version 2.4 are performance improvements to the Bus routes, improved push notifications and a continued increase in language localization, most importantly now on the home screen.

Mobility 3.0 Technology Preview

Download the Kuali Days 2013 application for a technology preview of Mobility 3.0! Find a Mobility team member during the conference to learn more about the many changes coming with version 3.0.

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Get involved - Become a Partner in Mobility!

Mobility welcomes additional Project Partners!

To get involved in this or any Kuali Project, please contact Jennifer Foutty at 812-345-3948 or jfoutty@kuali.org.