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Open Library Environment

Overview of OLE

Open Library Environment (OLE) - An Extensible Service-Driven Library Management System

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Kuali OLE is the first system designed by and for academic and research libraries for managing and delivering intellectual information.

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OLE is People.  Built with a governance model, every partner has a seat at the table and a say in what OLE will offer.

OLE is Community.  OLE delivers an enterprise-ready, community-source software package to manage and provide access not only to items in your collection but also to licensed and local digital content.

OLE is Collaboration.  Large and small, consortia and single universities, in the US and overseas. OLE is comprised of over 10 unique partners working together and supporting each other to create enterprise level software.

OLE is keeping your money in your mission.


  • Built, owned, governed by the academic and research library community
  • Supports a wide range of resources and formats of scholarly information
  • Interoperates & integrates with other enterprise and network-based systems
  • Supports federation across projects, partners, consortia, and institutions
  • Provides workflow design & management capabilities
  • Provides information management capabilities to non-library efforts
  • See the functionality by modules page for additional information on OLE’s features

Project Funding

The Kuali OLE Project is made possible by generous contributions of the Kuali OLE Founding Partners. A planning grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, announced in January 2010, supported the initial two-year development cycle of the Kuali OLE Project (2010-2012).  Mellon has continued to provide cost sharing for the build phase, and OLE will release an adoptable product in 2014.

Kuali OLE attracts a thriving marketplace of independent vendors to deliver services and support to its active community.