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What's Rice

The Kuali Rice software provides an enterprise class middleware suite of integrated products that allows for applications to be built in an agile fashion. This enables developers to react to end-user business requirements in an efficient and productive manner, so that they can produce high quality business applications.

Kuali Rice is leveraged heavily by the Kuali applications but is also designed to be used in non-Kuali applications. Its services and framework pieces are designed in such a way to be applicable to multiple business domains.

Rice is built with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts in mind. Specifically, end developers are able to build robust systems with common enterprise workflow functionality, customizable and configurable user interfaces with a clean and universal look and feel, and general notification features to allow for a consolidated list of work "action items." Additionally, there are a set of services in Rice that provide identity and access management capabilities and can be used to abstract away from underlying institution-specific identity services. All of this adds up to a re-usable development framework that encourages a simplified approach to developing true business functionality as modular applications.

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Rice Documentation

Official Rice documentation for released versions can be found in the Rice Documentation Wiki space.

Information on the current development versions of Rice and what what we are working on can be found in the Rice Team Wiki space.

Presentations on Rice

Presentations about Kuali Rice can be found in the Rice Wiki space.

Why "Rice"?

The name “Rice” was selected to go along with the theme of Malaysian cooking, since “kuali” means “wok” in Malaysian. Rice as a food, by itself, is a staple, forming the basis for many dishes. It usually sits at the bottom of the dish, and extra layers of food are added on top to form the meal. Such is the case with Kuali Rice. It is a middleware product, forming the basis of a full “meal” (i.e. complete software application) when mixed in with other Kuali applications, such as KFS, Kuali Coeus, etc., which leverage the various modules of Rice.


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Why Use Rice?

By using the Rice framework, application and service developers can use a common development paradigm to promote rapid development that isolates many of the complications inherent to standard J2EE development.

The Rice framework provides a level of infrastructure abstraction allowing application and service developers to focus on solving business problems rather than wrestling with the technology used to enable those solutions.

Rice ensures a consistent model for development which allows for the breakdown of monolithic applications into smaller application modules and services that can easily talk to one another.