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Kuali Rapid Application Development (KRAD)

What is KRAD?

Kuali Rapid Application Development (KRAD) is a framework that eases the development of enterprise web applications by providing reusable solutions and tooling that enables developers to build in a rapid and agile fashion. KRAD is a complete framework for web developers that provides infrastructure in all the major areas of an application (client, business, and data), and integrates with other modules of the Rice middleware project. In future releases, KNS will be absorbed into and replaced by KRAD.

KRAD Features

  • User Interface Framework (UIF) components
    • Built upon a rich JQuery library of standards that, among other items, includes
      • Light-boxes
      • Messages and Notifications
      • Progressive Disclosure
      • Client Side Validation
      • Table Tools
      • Themes
      • AJAX Enabled Fields
    • More UI Flexibility
      • No longer limited to the “vertical” tab layouts of KNS
    • Improved Configuration and Tooling
  • Inquiries
  • Lookups
  • Maintenance Documents
  • Transactional
  • Web MVC
  • Rules
  • Data Dictionary Enhancements
    • Min, Max, Valid Characters
    • Conditional Constraints
    • Custom Constraints
    • Lookup Constraints
  • Business objects
  • Improved Accessibility of Rice and its components