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Test Drives

Hands-On Self-Guided Tours of Kuali Software

Kuali Financial System

Click below to take a test drive of the Kuali Financial System (KFS) software.

Test Drive KFS version 5.0.2


The Driver's Manual contains basic navigational scenarios, including User IDs to introduce the underlying KFS concepts: eDocs and Workflow. Additionally, scenarios specific to each module, such as Purchasing/AP, Effort Certification, Capital Assets, Accounts Receivable, etc. have been provided.


Kuali Coeus

This is your opportunity to try out Kuali Coeus the Proposal/Budget Development module. You can create a proposal, create a budget with multiple versions, route and approve the proposal, and try a Grants.gov system-to-system submission.

Test Drive Kuali Coeus version 5.2.1


Click the "Create Proposal" link. If you haven't already logged in, you'll be directed to the authentication page. Log in as "quickstart".

To start your first proposal, you'll need to enter and save the following information:

  • Description (Document Overview Tab)
  • Proposal Type
  • Lead Unit
  • Activity Type
  • Project Title
  • Sponsor ID
  • Project Start Date
  • Project End Date (Required Fields for Saving Document)

Navigate to other parts of the Proposal and Budget by using the tabs across the top of your screen.

Use the Kuali Coeus User Guide for additional information on performing lookups, returning search results, and using other parts of the Proposal and Budget Development module.

Note: Since this is a public site using only demonstration data, please do not enter confidential information or expect any data to be maintained.


Kuali Rice

Test Drive the Kuali Rice sample applications and see what Rice can do for you!

Test Drive Kuali Rice

Login as admin, quickstart, admin1, admin2, supervisr, or director for varying levels of permission


Kuali HR

Test Drive Version 2.0.3


Click the Login button as username "admin" to get started. Other users listed in the Driver's Manual have various tabs available to them.  The possible tabs are as follows:

  • Clock - Clock in / out from an assigment as you would with a time clock
  • Time Detail - Add time manually by clicking on the approprate day(s)
  • Leave Calendar - Add leave manually by clicking on the appropriate day(s)
  • Leave Approval - Review and approve employee leave for which you are responsible
  • Time Approval - Review and approve employee timesheets for which you are responsible
  • Person Info - Review HR information related to your job
  • Department Admin - Define employee, assignments, rules etc. which drive the system functions
  • Help - (Coming Soon)

If you select "Home" from the drop down in the upper left you will be taken to the core, administrative portal of KHR.

For more detailed information, see our Driver's Manual.


Kuali Open Library Environment

Test Drive OLE version 1.5.2

In the latest Test Drive, you can:

  • See our updated user interface.  We have reorganized OLE’s layout to better accommodate library work.
  • Circulate items to sample patrons.  Modify patron records or create your own.
  • Make global edits to holdings and item records.  Test out the new Analytics interface to create links between the record for a series.
  • Try out E-Resource records, the hub for the management of an e-resource across the selection and purchasing lifecycle.
  • Receive Serials, either title-by-title or in bundle, print or electronic.
  • Batch import or export multiple types of records from one portal with batch process profiles.

See the OLE Published Documentation to access our documentation portal and previous release documentation.   To access the Documentation Portal directly, click here.



Kuali Mobility

Test Drive the Kuali Mobility sample applications and see what KME can do for you!

Conference Bundle Test Drive


Kuali Ready

Test Drive Kuali Ready


Kuali Student

Curriculum Management test drive - Coming soon!

  • Download Kuali applications